Best Artist of  2022 Kathleen K. Seefeldt Award for Art Exellence

Congressional Record -2022

2022 Kathleen K. Seefeldt Award for Art Exellenc

 The Other Side of the Coin  

Solo art exhibit by Lukman Ahmad

Exhibit dates: March 24-April 30

 (9419 Battle St, Manassas)

The Other Side of the Coin
Syrian born, Lukman Ahmad reflects the Kurdish experience as well as the human experience. Along with his vibrant paintings and expressive emotion, Ahmad also implements the color black in his works, combining the tragedy of death and hope together in his current collection. Ahmad’s homage and deep sense of belonging to the Kurdish land is emphatically portrayed in his acrylic painting style through the use of cultural motifs such as the sun, sunflowers, horses, and doves. He knows that a thousand stories were forgotten – a swinging graceful dancer painted in colorful fluid shapes alongside a galloping horse, contrasted, with the heaviness of a grief-stricken black cloaked woman recently widowed, and fronting desert sands where her loved ones rest. Ultimately, his collection unveils The Other Side of the Coin.

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